Try our New England Clam Chowder, three-time winner in the Webster, Dudley, Oxford Chamber of Commerce's Annual Chowder Cook-Off!
And a two-time winner in the Bay Path Annual Chowder Fest!!

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Welcome to My Brothers’ Place

My Brothers’ Place Restaurant opened here on the outskirts of Webster, Massachusetts in 2009. In that time, we have received many nice compliments from our customers and friends. They reinforce the goal that we set for ourselves as a restaurant: To provide a high quality product at a reasonable price in a clean and enjoyable atmosphere.

So when you hear that “The clean atmosphere and staff make you feel like you're at a friend's home. You can tell the chef puts care into every plate. I look forward to going back again soon,” you know you’re doing it right!

We're the classic little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that's hard to find but easy to love. We're less than a half-mile east from I-395 off exit 2 at 144 Gore Road, Route 16 in Webster. 

My Brothers' Calendar

Our Daily Specials

The Future

Good morning to you all.  

I'm sure most of you have heard that MBP has been sold .And will not be open today or tomorrow, 
We believe that this will be a positive move going forward, not only for us but for you as well.  Fresh ideas, new specials, ( while retaining a lot of our same staff)  When you gave us this email address, you were promised that we would never give or sell your email to anyone else. So in keeping that promise, if you would like to remain in the email group just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ensure you stay current on what is happening here. And opening schedule, Their Facebook page  Please welcome Wendy & Brad to the Webster's restaurant scene.
    And from us THANK YOU!!  It has been a privilege to serve you, share stories, and just have you walk through our door for the last 9 years.  Stay safe and enjoy your summer.
And again , Thank you!!
Sincerely, Norma & Barry 

The Beers


Stony Creek: Srtony Joe

High Limb: Hard Cider



Goose Island Brewery, IPA


Bud Light

Michelob Ultra

O'Douls (NA)

Stella Artois

Goose Island, Pre Season